Unleashing Packaging Strength: Introducing the Box Compression Testing Solution

Compression force refers to the amount of pressure or load applied to an object in the direction of compression, resulting in a decrease in its volume or deformation. In the context of packaging, compression force refers to the pressure exerted on packaging Salt Spray Chamber materials, such as boxes or cartons, when they are stacked or subjected to external forces during transportation or storage.


To test the compression strength of packages, manufacturers use specialized testing machines like the Box Compression Tester (BCT). This equipment applies gradual compression force to a sample package until it fails or reaches its maximum load-bearing capacity. The testing results provide valuable information about the package’s ability to withstand compression forces and at what point it may deform or fail.


Using a BCT tester, manufacturers can determine the compressive resistance and stacking capability of corrugated boxes and cartons. The deformation curve obtained from the test helps analyze the package’s ability to resist forces and maintain its structural integrity under various loads.


There are several benefits to using a BCT tester:


Widely Used: The BCT tester is versatile and can be used to test the compression strength of various packaging materials, including corrugated boxes, paper cases, beehive crates, cartons, and paper tanks.


Easy to Operate: The testing machine is user-friendly and can be operated with minimal training. Simply place the sample on the holder and start the machine. The upper plate moves downward with a set load, and the applied load and deformation data are recorded on the digital panel.


Accurate Results: Equipped with a microprocessor-based display, the BCT tester provides precise and reliable test results. It may include features like TARE and Peak HOLD functionality, ensuring accurate readings and facilitating data analysis.


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